Yes! A Real Plan From Quebec

There has been a great development today for the convenience store industry in Quebec, one that don’t see often!

The Quebec government unveiled a regulatory streamlining plan (click here for its French version) for the retail industry that includes a host of exciting measures to ease paperwork for retail businesses.

Among the announced measures:

  • Increasing the license renewal periods (eg, an annual license could become valid for three years);
  • Creating of an interdepartmental committee that will tackle regulatory relief on a permanent basis;
  • Standardizing license renewal dates and facilitate their management for an owner operating multiple stores;
  • Possibly expanding the hours of alcohol sales and to increase the minimum price of beer more rapidly;
  • Possibly raising the retailer compensation per cans and bottle recycled, etc.

All these fantastic measures, which are still yet to come, correspond to longstanding demands made repeatedly by the industry.

They are finally fully recognized and now figure officially on the government’s agenda.

So this is a great day for the retail industry, which is kind of moving from the most neglected economic sector to one that is finally getting the attention it deserves.

Congratulations to all retail associations and government policymakers who worked on this plan, hoping of course that it survives the upcoming election!

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